Human Immunogenetics

Immunogenetics is defined by the study of the genetic concept of the immune response.

It is a discipline focused especially on the exploration of a normal immunological pathways and in the case of the immunopathologic domain at genetic level.

Since the complete human genome sequencing and following molecular biology development the immunogenetic filed has undergone a spectacular improvement.

However, till now humanity still fighting old and new pathogens; most of them are not eradicated and lot of questions related to the interaction of host-pathogens are not completely understood. In the other hand, the genetic polymorphism is well known to influence strongly the immune function but the mechanism to explain that is a subject to be deeply studied in the context of influence of the genetic expression of the whole genome and the environment 

Among the activities of the SM2GH group of this section is to give course, training and workshops on the immunogenetics and immunogenomics in close collaboration with the Moroccan School of immunogenetic. The last one is done on 2019 where the SM2GH organized the third edition of the Moroccan School of immunogenetic (SIG). During this event three workshops are organized on :

  1. NGS principles from sample collection to variant interpretation, genotyping vs WES vs WGS, overview of NGS platforms
  2. Exome data metrics, pipelines and principles of filtering: from fastq to BAM to VCF files.
  3. BAM and VCF visualization using Integrated Genome Viewer (IGV)

The Founding Members of the Moroccan School of Immunogenetics :

  • Prof. Khalid SADKI, Mohamed V university in Rabat
  • Prof. Saaid AMZAZI, Ex-Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation
  • Prof. Youssef IDAGHDOUR, New York university AbuDhabi