General overview

The Moroccan Society of Genomics and Human Genetics (SM2GH) is a non-profit scientific society, which brings together scientists, researchers, practitioners, and more generally anyone interested in research on one of the aspects of genomics and / or human genetics.

The SM2GH was created in 2018 by a group of scientists-researchers working in the field of genomics and human genetics. The common goal is to promote scientific research in this field, to assist young researchers to develop their skills, and help them publish their findings nationally and internationally.

The objectives of the SM2GH are to promote the development of research in the fields of genomics and human genetics, create scientific exchanges between these members, foster national and international collaboration on scientific research in genomics and human genetics, and contribute to trainings in the above areas.

To do this, the SM2GH organizes and supports as appropriate; scientific events, symposia or courses, attributes of the prizes for distinguished researchers, and plays the role of ambassador of Moroccan scientific research in the field of genomics and human genetics nationally and internationally.


In Morocco, research in the field of genomics and human genetics is sporadic and carried out individually, often making it possible to exploit the clinical routine and/or to conduct descriptive research and characterization projects. Also, the Moroccan Society of Genomics and Human Genetics (SM2GH) was created to raise the level of scientific research in the field of human genetics and give it a new lease of life to generate scientific knowledge that can be used for the prevention of diseases and the promotion of human health.

The SM2GH is managed by an executive board, elected at a general assembly. This board is composed of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary General, a Deputy Secretary General, a Treasurer, a Deputy Treasurer and Assessors. The office’s mission is to develop the society’s policy, give the main guidelines and ensure the execution of scientific programs.

The executive board may designate, within the SM2GH, various administrative or study committees or commissions and their attributions. The executive board shall publish the names and tasks of any committees and/or commissions established.

The executive board is committed to keeping the SM2GH website active and up-to-date, allowing for the regular progress of the Society and informing members and the general public about its achievements and objectives. The SM2GH website will also be used for the publication of the programs and scientific meetings, the abstracts selected, and other updates. Other publications may be published with the executive board’s approval.

Sponsorship / Revenues of the SM2GH

The SM2GH is sponsored by the annual memberships of the members and by the contribution of various public and/or private sponsors. These funds will allow the office to ensure the day-to-day management of the Society, to plan for scientific or awareness-raising actions and to organize national and international scientific events.

Prior to each event, the SM2GH office prepares a sponsorship file and solicits the various public institutions and administrations and private companies to participate in the organization of the said event.


SM2GH is affiliated with the African Society of Human Genetics ( and co-develops partnerships with other national and international scientific societies in the fields of genomics and human genetics.